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Scientific Board

PrintWhy a scientific board?

The Synthesis Center is an initiative for all paleontologists. They are represented by a scientific board of 8 international peers who decide on the strategic focus and synthesis workshop topics.

Every professional paleontologist in Germany (including PhD students) can nominate and then vote for an international colleague to be part of the board. The strategic expert body will reflect a balance of young and more experienced scientists and will have a much more equal gender balance than the overall subject. To achieve this, we encourage votes for underrepresented groups. We will guarantee a more balanced board by implementing a quota for early-career (> 30%) and established researchers as well as gender (> 30 % women).

Your role

Please submit your nominations for the scientific board using our online nomination tool by October 30, 2019, keeping in mind our goal of a balanced board. We ask that all nominees be aware of their nominations (nominees will in addition receive an email) and those willing to be part of the board will be allowed to present themselves presented with a short profile.

After the nomination process has ended, we will ask all professional paleontologists in Germany (including PhD students) to elect board members from the list of nominees. The voting process will take place online between November 15th, 2019, and January 15th, 2020.

For questions please contact Dr. B. Seuss (pal-synthesis (at)