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Synthesis Workshops

The best way to motivate structural changes and enhance the personal network in Paleontology is an engagement of the paleontological community in joint scientific projects.

PS workshopWe will therefore establish repeated synthesis workshops that assemble international scientists across the subject and related disciplines to work on research questions that arise from a joint discussion of the paleontological community. These cooperative science workshops and the associated projects will provide a place of inherent horizon scanning and bring together existing but disparate data, tools, and theories in new and perhaps unexpected ways. Implementation Science workshops will be held at FAU in the newly established educational center. An open call for proposals will be announced every year. A scientific advisory board will select the most promising workshop topics based on scientific and societal impact and the potential to overcome structural problems in the field.

A new call is open! Deadline is May 30, 2023


In a rapidly changing world, there is an urgent need to understand how communities respond to environmental perturbations of varying magnitudes and rates.”
Pincelli Hull (Yale, USA), Marina Costa Rillo (Univ. Oldenburg), Seth Finnegan (UC Berkeley, USA); fully funded


The workshop is based on the idea that Palaeontology is unique among scientific disciplines in that it thrives on the exchange of information across diverse communities, both academic and non-academic.
Nussaibah Raja-Schoob (FAU, Germany) and Emma Dunne (Univ. Birmingham, UK; now FAU); funding support


Our proposed working group will advance core goals of conservation paleobiology ….Paleontological research will be critical to understand the extent and drivers of eco-logical novelty, placing modern patterns in a deep-time context.
Tim Staples and John Pandolfi, University of Queensland; implemented into Paleo-Synthesis


BITE “Biotic interaction plays an important role in the evolution of groups through time.”
Aleksandra Skawina (University of Warsaw, Poland) and Devapriya Chattopadhyay (IISER, Pune, India); fully funded


IRAL Big Data framework for the next generation of data infrastructure in paleontological research……”Compilations of fossil data are fundamental to modern paleontology
Emma Dunne* and Adam Kocsis, FAU, fully funded

* note that ED applied while she was in Birmingham!


BIG Questions project


Besides our current workshops we also have the Big Questions project organized and monitored by Jansen Smith.

 learn more about this project!

PaleoG – Big Questions for German Paleontology……”geological sciences including paleontology, have been barely visible in ESS … (but) Paleontology with its strong ties to both, life- and geosciences, is thus a key science in ESS

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