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Science Schools


Based on previous APWs and regarding new developments, we will hold annual science schools within the new educational center.

The science schools will focus on data analysis and subject-specific quantitative methods. Training content with many hands-on exercises will be defined and continuously updated in interaction between lecturers and attendants.

The courses will be run by local staff as well as national and international experts on particular topics.

The initial science school will be held in the framework of the APW, for which PI Kiessling has committed himself and will initially be held for graduate students. They will be joined by up to three postdocs and professors in the final week.

Application will be online on our website and reviewers, who will rate applications in a standardized fashion, will review each application to decide on the participants regarding career potential, course readiness, access to relevant training resources at their home institution, potential to improve practical programming skills, and inclusiveness.

Starting in the third year, students will also be admitted on a first-come, first-served basis and the course will be reduced to two weeks.

In adaptation to the Covid 19 pandemic, we had to cancel our workshop for 2021.

However, we started planning for 2022!

Dr Ádam Kocsis is in charge of the organization.

We will provide updates as soon as possible! We have yet to determine the exact time frame, but it will be mid-August to mid-late September.


Any other questions? Contact us!

Scientific questions:

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Administrative questions:

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