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fossilbrush: An R package for automated detection and resolution of anomalies in palaeontological occurrence data” (publication from the Open Research Challenge), J. T. Flannery-Sutherland, N. B. Raja, A. Kocsis, W. Kiessling, Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 2022:

Science - Free interface iconsWhat is Conservation Paleobiology? Tracking 20 years of research and development”, E. M. Dillon J. Q. Pier, J. A. Smith, N. B. Raja*, D. Dimitrijević*, E. L. Austin, J. D. Cybulski, J. De Entrambasaguas, S. R. Durham, C. M. Grether*, H. Sekhar Haldar, K. Kocákova, C.-H. Lin, I. Mazzani, A. M. Mychajliw, A. L. Ollendorf, C. Pimiento, O. R. Regalado Fernández, I. E. Smith*, G. P. Dietl  (*3 master’s and 2 PhD students from the FAU included), Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 2022 (invited contribution (extended to JAS) for Research Topic: Integrating Conservation Biology and Paleobiology to Manage Biodiversity and Ecosystems in a Changing World)

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Assessing the utility of death assemblages as reference conditions in a common benthic index (M-AMBI) with simulations”, J. A. Smith, M. J. Pruden, J. C. Handley, S. R. Durham, G. P. Dietl, Geological Society of London Special Publication: Conservation paleobiology of marine ecosystems: concepts and applications, 2022. Preprint available:    

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The Impact of Field Courses on Undergraduate Knowledge, Affect, Behavior, and Skills: A Scoping Review”, X. A. Shinbrot, K. Treibergs, L. M. Arcila Hernández, D. Esparza, K. Ghezzi-Kopel, M. Goebel, O. J. Graham, A. B. Heim, J. A. Smith, M. K. Smith, BioScience, 2022:

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Improving the relevance of paleontology to climate change policy”, W. Kiessling, J. A. Smith, N. B. Raja, PNAS, 2023:



codeBioDeepTime: database and compilation code”, J. A. Smith, M. C. Rillo, Á. T. Kocsis; M. Dornelas, D. Fastovich, H.-H. M. Huang, L. Jonkers, W. Kiessling, Q. Li, L. H. Liow, M. Margulis-Ohnuma, S. Meyers; L. Na, A. M. Penny, K. Pippenger, J. Renaudie, E. E. Saupe, M. Steinbauer, M. Sugawara, A. Tomasovych, J. W. Williams, M. Yasuhara; S. Finnegan, P, Hull, zenodo


A unifying framework for the measurement of ecological and environmental novelty” Output from PaleoNovelty; “Supported” workshop but unfunded), T. L. Staples, J. Blois, K. L. Cramer, E. T. Cunningham, M. Dornelas, S. G. Haberle, T. Heger, W. Kiessling, A. E. Magurran, A. O’Dea, A. M. Penny, V. C. Radeloff, J. A. Smith, W. Thuiller, J. W. Williams, J. M. Pandolfi; working on a revision

BioDeepTime: a database of biodiversity time series for modern and fossil assemblagesJ. A. Smith, J. Gill, M. Rillo, Á. Kocsis, M. Dornelas, D. Fastovich,H.-H. M. Huang, L. Jonkers, S. Meyers, N. Lin, A. M. Penny, K. Pippenger, J. Renaudie, E. Saupe, M. Steinbauer, M. Sugawara,  A. Tomasovych, J. W. Williams, M. Yasuhara, S. Finnegan, P. Hull, accepted with minor revisions; Global Ecology and Biogeography

Related to DDCP

(PI’s *N.B. Raja-Schoob and Emma Dunne)

Fossil Trafficking, Fraud, and Fakery”, N. B. Raja, E. M. DunneArt Crime in Context, Part of the Studies in Art, Heritage, Law and the Market book series; 2022/6

The moral and legal imperative to return illegally exported fossils, J. C. Cisneros, A. M. Ghilardi, N. B. Raja*, P. P. Stewens, Nature Ecology & Evolution, 2022:

Ethics, law, and politics in palaeontological research: The case of Myanmar amber, E. M. Dunne, NB Raja*, P Stewens, ZMM Thein, Nature Communications Biology, 2022:

Digging deeper into colonial palaeontological practices in modern day Mexico and Brazil, J. C. Cisneros, N. B. Raja*, A. M. Ghilardi, E. M. Dunne, F. L. Pinheiro, O. R. Regalado Fernández, M. A. F. Sales, R. A. Rodríguez-de la Rosa, A. Y. Miranda-Martínez, S. González-Mora, R. A. M. Bantim, F. J. de Lima, J. D. Paro, Royal Society Open Science, 2022:

Publication pressure threatens the integrity of palaeontological research”, N. B. Raja*, E. M. Dunne, The Geological Curator-Special Ethics Edition, 2022:

Colonial history and global economics distort our understanding of deep-time biodiversity, N. B. Raja*, E. M. Dunne, A. Matiwane, T. M. Khan, P. S. Nätscher, A. M. Ghilardi, D. Chattopadhyay, Nature Ecology & Evolution, 2022:

Minority Language Speakers in PalaeontologyNB Raja*, E Dunne, OSF Preprints; 2021

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