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Project Publications

fossilbrush: An R package for automated detection and resolution of anomalies in palaeontological occurrence data” (publication from the Open Research Challenge), JT Flannery-Sutherland, NB Raja, A Kocsis, W Kiessling, Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 2022

What is Conservation Paleobiology? Tracking 20 years of research and development”, EM Dillon JQ Pier, JA Smith, NB Raja*, D Dimitrijević*, EL Austin, JD Cybulski, J De Entrambasaguas, SR Durham, CM Grether*, H Sekhar Haldar, K Kocákova, C-H Lin, I Mazzani, AM Mychajliw, AL Ollendorf, C Pimiento, OR Regalado Fernández, IE Smith*, GP Dietl  (*3 master’s and 2 PhD students from the FAU included), Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 2022 (invited contribution (extended to JAS) for Research Topic: Integrating Conservation Biology and Paleobiology to Manage Biodiversity and Ecosystems in a Changing World)

BioDeepTime: a database of biodiversity time series for modern and fossil assemblagesJA Smith, J Gill, M Rillo, Á Kocsis, M Dornelas, D Fastovich, H-H M Huang, L Jonkers, S Meyers, N Lin, A M Penny, K Pippenger, J Renaudie, E Saupe, M Steinbauer, M Sugawara,  A Tomasovych, JW Williams, M Yasuhara, S Finnegan, P Hull; Global Ecology and Biogeography, 2023

Increasing the equitability of data citation in paleontology: capacity building for the big data futureJA Smith, NB Raja, T Clements, D Dimitrijevic, EM Dowding, EM Dunne, BM Gee, PL Godoy, EM Lombardi, LPA Mulvey, PS Nätscher, CJ Reddin, B Shirley, RCM Warnock, AT Kocsis; Paleobiology, 2023

in blue: postdoc or PaleoSynthesis PI


codeBioDeepTime: database and compilation code”, JA Smith, MC Rillo, ÁT Kocsis, M Dornelas, D Fastovich, H-H M Huang, L Jonkers, W Kiessling, Q Li, L-H Liow, M Margulis-Ohnuma, S Meyers, L Na, AM Penny, K Pippenger, J Renaudie, EE Saupe, M Steinbauer, M Sugawara, A Tomasovych, JW Williams, M Yasuhara; S Finnegan, P Hull, zenodo, 2023

PostDoc Publications

Assessing the utility of death assemblages as reference conditions in a common benthic index (M-AMBI) with simulations”, JA Smith, MJ Pruden, JC Handley, SR Durham, GP Dietl, Geological Society of London Special Publication: Conservation paleobiology of marine ecosystems: concepts and applications, 2022

The Impact of Field Courses on Undergraduate Knowledge, Affect, Behavior, and Skills: A Scoping Review”, XA Shinbrot, K Treibergs, LM Arcila Hernández, D Esparza, K Ghezzi-Kopel, M Goebel, OJ Graham, AB Heim, JA Smith, MK Smith, BioScience, 2022

Improving the relevance of paleontology to climate change policy”, W Kiessling, JA Smith, NB Raja, PNAS, 2023

Survivorship dynamics of the flora of Devonian Angarida“, EM Dowding, NI Akulov, IM Mashchuck, ProceedingsB, 2023

Quantitative methods for the analysis of comparative geological data: Large igneous province barcoding and supercontinent reconstruction“, B Michaux, EM Dowding, MC Ebach, Precambrian Research, 2023

Paleobiogeography of Lower-Middle Devonian Conulariids from southwest Gondwana“, VR Ribeiro, EM Dowding, FN Sousa, FA Carbonaro, RP Ghilardi, Journal of South American Earth Sciences, 2023


A unifying framework for the measurement of ecological and environmental novelty” Output from PaleoNovelty; “Supported” workshop but unfunded), TL Staples, J Blois, KL Cramer, ET Cunningham, MDornelas, SG Haberle, T Heger, W Kiessling, AE Magurran, A O’Dea, AM Penny, VC. Radeloff, JA Smith, W Thuiller, JW Williams, JM Pandolfi; working on a revision

Related to DDCP

(PI’s *N.B. Raja-Schoob and Emma Dunne)

Academic publishing requires linguistically inclusive policies”, H Arenas-Castro et al.EcoEvoRxix; 2023

Fossil Trafficking, Fraud, and Fakery”, NB Raja*, EM DunneArt Crime in Context, Part of the Studies in Art, Heritage, Law and the Market book series; 2022/6

The moral and legal imperative to return illegally exported fossils, JC Cisneros, AM Ghilardi, NB Raja*, PP Stewens, Nature Ecology & Evolution, 2022

Ethics, law, and politics in palaeontological research: The case of Myanmar amber, EM Dunne, NB Raja*, P Stewens, ZMM Thein, Nature Communications Biology, 2022

Digging deeper into colonial palaeontological practices in modern day Mexico and Brazil, JC Cisneros, NB Raja*, AM Ghilardi, EM Dunne, FL Pinheiro, OR Regalado Fernández, MAF Sales, RA Rodríguez-de la Rosa, AY Miranda-Martínez, S González-Mora, RAM Bantim, FJ de Lima, JD Paro, Royal Society Open Science, 2022

Publication pressure threatens the integrity of palaeontological research”, NB Raja*, EM DunneThe Geological Curator-Special Ethics Edition, 2022

Colonial history and global economics distort our understanding of deep-time biodiversity, NB Raja*, EM Dunne, A Matiwane, TM Khan, PS Nätscher, AM Ghilardi, D Chattopadhyay, Nature Ecology & Evolution, 2022

Minority Language Speakers in Palaeontology, NB Raja*, EM Dunne, OSF Preprints; 2021

Team publications