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PS iconHere you can find press and PR releases as well as interviews etc. on Paleosynthesis as well as a brochure and a poster summarizing the information on the project.

The downloads (pdfs) are available for use, but please acknowledge the copyrights. Some external links might expire – we don’t have any influence on this.

Paleosynthesis Newsletter (in English)

with our increasing number of followers we will continue to update you on the social media instead of sending out our newsletter

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  • PalGes July (German) (Paleosynthesis update)
  • Volkswagen Foundation News August (German) (English) (IPPC – Climate Crisis)
  • IDW press release on the 3rd ORC, October (English)
  • FAU press releases: Teichert et al. “Crustose corralline algae” (German); Kiessling – ecosystems (German) (English)
  • GMit 82, December (German)


  • PalGes: March (German); September (English; nomination of candidates); November (English; list of candidates) December (English; election reminder)
  • FAU News August (German; English)
  • GMit December (German; brief introduction PaleoSynthesis)y


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