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Category: Big Questions, News

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kiessling: The project „Paleosynthesis: The German Seed for Global Collaboration“ in which he wants to discuss „the big questions“ in palaeontology. Could that be a great thing to have a good basis for public outreach activities? ! Big Questions are central to every scientific dis...

Category: News, Summer School

The three intense weeks of the summer school are nearly over. After a BBQ Wednesday night mixing up with the week 1 participants of the #FlügelCourse (Homepage; Facebook) the last two days of the AWP2022 are on niche modelling taught by Erin Saupe from Oxford. 

Category: News, Summer School

🤩 Safely having arrived in Erlangen and after three days of intense work the participants of the Analytical Paleobiology Workshop 2022 in Erlangen seem still happy.

Category: News, Summer School

The time has finally come! On Monday, the Analytical Paleobiology Workshop starts after 2 years of Covid-related break. We are happy to welcome 12 students in Erlangen and look forward to three weeks of intensive work. More about the course can be found here.