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Call for Proposals

We are thrilled to offer a series of topical workshops on big scientific questions that can be uniquely addressed by paleontological approaches. These workshops will be run by the scientific community, that is, by YOU!

The Paleosynthesis Center will provide financial and scientific support as well as local logistics to host your workshop in Erlangen. Financial support comprises full reimbursement of travel and lodging of all participants. Scientific support comes from a Paleosynthesis postdoc who will make sure that the workshop goals will be reached and who will also facilitate outreach and cooperation.

How to apply: Proposals should be submitted by two principal investigators and have a length of max. 5 pages. A template and full details on the application process are available on the Paleosynthesis Center portal. We strongly encourage diversity among applicants and workshop participants (e.g., gender and career stage). The workshops should be conceived for 3 to 5 days. Consecutive workshops on the same topic are possible.

Evaluation of applications will be carried out by our advisory board based on following criteria:

(1) Quality of the proposal in general

(2) Potential to develop Paleontology as a discipline

(3) Potential for high-impact publications or prospect to evolve to a larger project

(4) Gender balance

Please submit your proposal by 15th of October 2020 as a single pdf to

For further information please contact Barbara Seuss ✉ mail to