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Big Questions in Paleo



With the funding of our Paleosynthesis project we are now making our second big step, aiming to strengthen Paleontology in Germany but also worldwide.

Our first step was the nomination of candidates and their election for our Advisory Board by the German paleo community. Now we want to involve paleontologists from all over the world.

As a relatively small but scientifically diverse community, we need to know how to fortify paleontology and to prepare our scientific field for a promising future. Your ideas will help to find focus for the entire discipline but also help in selecting relevant workshop topics. These workshops will be carried out at our Science Center in Erlangen, starting next year.

Please help your discipline by phrasing:

                What is YOUR BIG QUESTION in Paleontology?

To participate please use following link: Submit your BIG QUESTION

In our online template you will find the option to submit additional suggestions / ideas. If there is interest to develop and work on the Big Questions with us, please indicate it in this box.

Deadline is June 30, 2020 extended to JULY 7!


For further information, please contact Dr. Barbara Seuss (✉ mail to)